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    You might think relaxing is just for your lazy coworker who’s 35 and STILL lives at home. You’d be pretty relaxed too if you didn’t have to do your own laundry. But alas, you’re a functional adult. The good news is, you can listen to any one of these albums while doing (or forgetting about) your chores and you’ll feel like they belong to someone else. If only for a little while.
    Guided meditation is like having a professional chef there when you’re making dinner. He looks in your refrigerator, tells you the ingredients to pick out and then leads you through the preparation. Only difference is that you can shut our “guides” up whenever you want. Oh, and there won’t be a meal for you to eat afterwards…but maybe if you’re really nice to your significant other, they’ll make you a snack.
    They city is full of animals—they’re the ones driving the cars and pushing past you on the sidewalk—but we prefer ours. Between the twittering birds and the rushing water, you’ll forget you’re surrounded by miles of concrete and see trees instead.
    Aggravation is a dish life likes to serve hot, with lots of knot-inducing noise. Between your coworker blowing his nose and your neighbors yelling (they really should break up), you’ve considered a titanium seal… on your ears. We have another idea. Download one, or all, of our White Noise albums and get to sleep or work without causing permanent damage.
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