How To Start Your Day With Intention

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You’ve likely read a lot about the practice of gratitude — perhaps even have your own gratitude journal. It’s a great way to create a positive mindset about the positive events and people in your life, and has been known to help create a shift in life when gratitude is routinely practiced. We often express our gratitude at the end of the day, thanking the universe — or whatever higher power we believe in — for blessing our lives with a promotion, a new client, a healthy relationship, or just ongoing love and strength.


While gratitude undoubtedly has an incredibly importantly place in our lives when it comes to creating a positive mindset, there’s another part of that mindset that very few practice — starting your day in a similar way. That’s where setting your intentions are. Here, instead of thanking the universe for what’s been given to you, you can deliberately ask for (or set) what you need or want to happen.

intention journalI do this with an intention journal. You can buy any journal and dedicate one page per day to writing down your intentions. These aren’t quite goals, but rather a vision. Today, for example, I intend to be really kind to my body and nourish it — the associated goals are to eat clean, avoid a latte, and to go for a walk. I also intend to dedicate myself to self-development; the associated goals are what’s on my calendar and some worksheets I have to get through. It also means intentionally setting aside what doesn’t fit — client work. That means the task is scheduling blog posts, interviews, etc for tomorrow. You can also set mindset intentions such as patience, love, confidence, etc. These will vary depending on your needs for the day, but if you know you’re going to have to really stand up for yourself during a meeting with your boss, you can set an intention for how you’ll handle it — now necessary what you’ll do — before you even leave the house.

If you’re ambitious, consider combining your intention and gratitude journal. I dedicate the top half of my page to intentions, and then come back in the evening to review them and express gratitude for how they manifested. If you do this, you might be surprised how much you designed your own day and your gratitude eventually becomes a direct result of your own intentions.

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