How to Meditate While Traveling

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As a the Co-founder of an internet business, I am fortunate enough to have the freedom and flexibility to travel. I have lived in Thailand, Bali, Canada, the USA and Australia, and whenever I’m living in a new country I will use any opportunity to take weekend trips to see the surrounding areas.
As much as I enjoy traveling, it inevitably has an adverse effect on my productivity and health. I often eat way too much as I try all the culinary delights that the country has to offer. My meditation practise is also uprooted from its normal time and place.
Travel has a bittersweet ability to uproot me from my routine, to make me see things in a different light and when I’m just beginning to figure things out, I will pack up and leave for a new destination, starting the cycle of change all over again.
For some people travel can be stressful, the constant worry about whether you forgot your passport, coupled with the thought of potentially missing your flight. Even if my world around me is changing, the one thing that remains constant is my meditation practice, allowing me to remain centered.
The energy at an airport or train station and the cacophony of sounds, actually enhances my meditation experience. It wasn’t always like this though. Meditation was another item on my todo list and something else to think about that I needed to do while traveling. I would ask myself ‘When am I going to meditate?’ and the thought of meditating in public seemed weird.
Do it Anywhere
Often we become attached to a certain routine. We have a dedicated place and ritual for our meditation. If something such as travel gets in the way, it causes us friction, increasing the chance that we break our good habits which again causes us even more stress.
The beauty of meditation is that, as long as you have your breath you can do it anywhere. There are many opportunities when traveling for a short meditation, for example, if you are waiting for a flight, taxi or train.

Commit to Just One Minute

After one minute, notice how you feel. The stress and worry that often comes with travel will be reduced. Your business meeting that you are traveling to will flow better if you are calm and relaxed, and the people you meet will appreciate the chilled out version of yourself.
Embrace the sounds

Meditate in your Car
If you are traveling with your car you can use it as your very own moving zen temple. Cars are often associated with road rage and accidents, and usually they involve trying to get somewhere. No

The key to meditating while traveling is to embrace the change and not being attached to meditating in a certain place. Make mediating while traveling a challenge. How many countries can you meditate in? What different types of transportation can you mediate on?

David de Souza

Co-Founder of Aspiring adventurer, entrepreneur and philanthropist. An Englishman in North Carolina. Running marathons one continent at a time.

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