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November 2015


How To Start Your Day With Intention

In: habit
23rd November 2015 by Kelly Clay

You’ve likely read a lot about the practice of gratitude — perhaps even have your own gratitude journal. It’s a great way to create a positive mindset about the positive events and people in your life, and has been known to help create a shift in life when gratitude is routinely practiced. We often express …

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Maintaining Healthy Habits During the Holiday Season

In: food, habit, health, lifestyle, meditation, yoga
5th November 2015 by Malia Bradshaw

It happens to the best of us: the busy holiday season inevitably knocks us off our healthy eating, yoga, or meditation schedule. But the ever-increasing to-do lists piling up on your desk don’t have to deter you from putting your health as first priority. Below are several ways in which we can incorporate those healthy …

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In: habit, lifestyle, meditation
2nd November 2015 by Jon Cleary

Whether it’s getting regular exercise, getting up earlier, or just getting out of the house a little bit more, why do so many of us struggle when trying to form a new habit? Starting out with that initial boost of energy and enthusiasm and excitedly telling the world of what it is we are to …

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