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October 2015


Running a Mindful Marathon

In: health, lifestyle, meditation, travel
12th October 2015 by David de Souza

Running has been known to produce a runner’s highs but can it bring you closer to enlightenment? In an attempt to combine my two passions of running and travelling, I am on a quest to run a marathon on every continent. After recently arriving back from Zimbabwe where I completed my 6th and most awe-inspiring …

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6 Suprising Ways to Hack Your Vaction

In: lifestyle, travel
12th October 2015 by David de Souza

Despite spending  thousands of dollars and many weeks anticipating our vacations, rarely do we take the time to optimize this precious free time, ensuring that we have the best time possible. Many books and articles have been written on how to optimize our finances, fitness and life but rarely do we see suggestions on how to optimize our …

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3 Tools to Reduce Travel Stress

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9th October 2015 by David de Souza

Travel is meant to be relaxing, so why does it stress us out? During my recent trip to Africa, on my quest to run a marathon on every continent, I noticed three resources that I constantly used. As I traversed 8 countries and travelled the equivalent of twice around the globe, these three tools helped ensure that this potentially problematic trip was a zen …

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